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What happens at Zeroth?

Check out DT42’s blog post about what they learned throughout the Z01 program (our first cohort). 

What does Zeroth’s program look like?

The program is broken into three components over the course of 13 weeks.

  • Mentorship: each startup will engage daily with Zeroth Venture Partners to receive feedback with leading entrepreneurs and investors in the AI/ML space

  • Traction: each startup will meet weekly with the team to discuss feedback and drive forward progress

  • Investor Day: each program ends with a Investor Day, where each startup will pitch in front of live and virtual investors

How do I apply to Zeroth?

Click here to apply for one of our programs. (Hong Kong, Tokyo or Bangalore). 

Click here for a summary of the program, the team, what the application process looks like, and an overview of some of our graduates!!

Do I need pitch deck to apply to Zeroth?

No, we will evaluate your company based on an application form and interviews.

What is the relationship between Zeroth and startup?

We think of ourselves as part of the founding team. We invest as part of what we do, but we act as founders alongside your startup.

What does the post Zeroth relationship look like?

The relationship between founding team and Zeroth continues post program. This includes simple things like communications, but more complex things like fundraising and talking to further investors.

What does the word Zeroth mean?

Zeroth describes what is immediately preceding the first in a series. In our words, Zeroth describes the fundamental order of things.


What is the application process?

You are required to fill in our application (open soon). After internal review and due diligence, we will kick off our next round interviews with selected startups and will announce our cohorts shortly after. 

What is Zeroth’s investment?

On average, we will invest US$120,000. This is a combination of a $20K common share investment (6%) and a $100K SAFE note with a US$2.5M cap.

Who are Zeroth's Technology Partners?

Zeroth partners with many company's to help each cohort. Zeroth partners include:

  • AWS

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Google Cloud

  • Digital Ocean

  • Stripe

  • Nvidia

  • SendGrid

  • and more


How do Zeroth's Technology Partners support cohorts?

Each company in the cohort will receive:

  • US$100,000 worth of AWS credit

  • US$120,000 worth of Microsoft Azure credit

  • US$100,000 worth of Google Cloud credit

  • US$100,000 worth of DigitalOcean credit

  • US$5,000 worth of marketing solutions with SendGrid

  • Support from Stripe Atlas and Nvidia

Do we have to incorporate in the location of the program we join?


What are Zeroth’s Areas of Interests?

Zeroth.ai invests in the entire spectrum of AI technology startups, but is particularly focused on the following areas of interest:

  • Cybersecurity

  • MedTech

  • Voice and Speech/NLP

  • AgTech

  • Logistics

  • Robotics

  • Computer Vision

Do I have to fundraising to join Zeroth?

You do not need to be in any type of fundraising stage to join. However, we will hold an Investor Day for our cohorts to meet potential investors.

Are startups required to stay in the location of their program for the duration of the program?

We will strongly recommend our cohorts be present in the first two weeks of the program (Strategy Planning Stage), and the last two weeks (Investor Day Stage). For the time in between, Product Market Fit, we encourage cohorts to go to where they would like to develop market in, but we wont kick you out either. 

Can Zeroth help us get a VISA?


Does Zeroth help us to find accommodation during the program?


For more info, please email info@zeroth.ai.